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Big thighs and brown eyes.

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Lady Ernestine - The Exotic Queen: vintage composite 8x10 photo

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I have a question for street photographers:  At what point and in what situations should a photographer ask the subject for permission to take his/her picture? Is it sometimes too risky to lose the “moment” or the naturalness of the photo to even ask?

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I want to live in a big city where there is an abundance of museums and bistros.

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I have to put James Franco on my Probationary List of Problematic Celebs.

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She’s Got Game”  Yasmin Warsame photographed by Steven Meisel, Vogue March 2003

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Some of my former favorite bloggers and tweeters have become rather petty… :(

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Be sure to visit my other blog, imhollyhood!  Vicariously living through pop culture one post at time. :P

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Full view of ‘Mad Grab’: Metal hand bra, baggy jeans, strappy sandals, and oversized wide brim hat.

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"Whats ur zodiac sign?"