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It looks like I finally have to upgrade my iPhone 4 since I won’t be getting the iOS software updates anymore…

*le sigh*

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 ”I design differently because I am Patrick Kelly, and Patrick Kelly is black” - Patrick Kelly
Paris-based women’s wear designer and a founder of the fashion house Patrick Kelly Paris. Kelly achieved his greatest commercial success in the late 1980’s and in 1988 Kelly became both the first American and the first person of color to be admitted as a member of the Chambre syndicale du prêt-à-porter des couturiers et des créateurs de mode. Kelly’s designs frequently incorporated bright colors, were often embellished with ribbons and buttons and suggested a sense of whimsy and joy while sometimes addressing difficult issues of race. He was known to walk the runway in baggy overalls and used a large spray paint heart as the background to his fashion shows. Kelly died at age 35 on New Years day 1990.

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Elaine Afrika, 20, New Jersey.
IG - @elaineAfrika

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I am so excited to share with y’all this new painting series I am going to be working on for my advanced studio project. I’ll post the first sketch this weekend!

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I’ve fallen to the grip of Twitter again…

What’s in the coding that makes social media so addictive?

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What do people get out of leaking nudes? 

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I really hate when people play the ‘how come you weren’t outraged about [insert topic here]?’ game. 

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Some people truly seem content about being a constant source of negativity.

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I’m trying to understand why people feel the need to express their disdain for some of the female celebrities that have recently had their nudes leaked. Okay, you don’t like so-and-so’s movies or personality… What does that have to do with their privacy being violated?

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"Don’t take a nude pic if you’re a famous woman and don’t want it leaked."


"Don’t wear a hoodie if you don’t want to be mistaken for a criminal and shot."

"Don’t get drunk at a party if you don’t want to be sexually assaulted."

"Don’t argue with a cop if you don’t want to get killed."

"Don’t walk home by yourself if you don’t want to get raped."

Victim blaming 101: Everyone should live in fear from ever doing anything.

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Bey’s performance saved an otherwise lackluster VMAs.